Thursday, March 21, 2013

Web Series To Check Out - 80/20

I received a recommendation to check out the Web series "80/20" a few days ago. It's a sit-com about a group of late-20s/early-30s friends in New York City. The protagonist - Jessie (Vayu O’Donnell) - is dumped by his girlfriend in the first episode. He moves in with Chris (Christopher Oscar Peña) a gay friend who says Jessie is "80% straight, 20% gay"...hence, the title. The show expands on this basic premise, using some common sit-com plot elements (e.g., disturbing blind dates, the "meet-cute"), while looking at the ambiguities and complexities of sexual identity.

After watching the 10 episodes available, I can second the recommendation. Funny and well-written, with an appealing cast, and technically polished (there are some rough patches in filming but that's to be expected with a low budget), at about four-minutes-thirty each episode is just long enough to be amusing and clever, without becoming overdone or repetitive. The last few episodes are a bit longer - around 8 minutes each - but the length is justified, as the main storyline builds to a climax.

Check it out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and wind up looking forward to more episodes being made.

80/20 Website

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